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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't Be A Turkey and Trade Away Matt Kemp For Nothing, Dodgers.

Matt Kemp rumors have been numerous in recent weeks as the Dodgers have a surplus in their outfield. Though recent reports have Ned Colletti taking Kemp off of the table, I'm still concerned to some extent. While every player is tradable (for the most part) the Dodgers would be foolish to deal Kemp when his value is at its lowest as he recovers from multiple serious injuries.

Not only would the return almost certainly be low, but the Dodgers would simultaneously be paying a large portion of his contract in order to move him. So yeah, trading a guy who's your best offensive weapon when healthy for pennies on the dollar while paying for him to play elsewhere isn't exactly smart business.

From 2013 Topps Turkey Red, this Cyan 1/1 Printing Plate ran me just over $15 delivered. Cyan plates pair oh so well with Dodgers' cards, as the blue accents just right for this plate. My newest Bison is my fifth Kemp printing plate and looks eerily similar to the above Kemp plate from '13 Topps Archives. That would be due to the fact that it's just a less cropped version of the same photo.

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