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Friday, February 14, 2014

1933 Zeenut P.C.L.: John Sherlock (Hollywood Stars)

I went on a bit of an eBay hiatus towards the end of 2013 and into the early part of 2014. It wasn't intentional, but related more to the fact that nothing caught my fancy as absolutely necessary to acquire. The below was the one card to come out of my time off, as I knew I wanted to add it if the price was right.

$8 shipped was right in my wheelhouse, especially taking into consideration how beat-up this piece of vintage goodness is. I love the fact that it's slabbed, as authenticity was key for me here. The Hollywood Stars of the P.C.L. eventually became a minor league affiliate of none other than the Brooklyn Dodgers, so even though J. Sherlock was not a member of the Dodgers' organization in 1933, I'll reach and consider this a vintage L.A. card. In '33, the Stars played their games in Wrigley Field, located in South Los Angeles.