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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Celebrating Russell Martin's Birthday With 36 Russ Rookie Cards!

It's Russell Martin's birthday! Celebrate! A while back I stumbled across a very cool lot of 36 Russell Martin rookie cards. While I had some, a number of them were sorely needed for my Martin PC, and I'll never be upset to pick up dupes of one of my all-time favorite Blue Crew members. I put in a bid and won the lot for a ridiculous price. 9 of the 36 proved to be new additions, and considering how many Dodgers' collectors I know and trade with, the rest of what I don't keep will find themselves good homes.

What a fantastic mix of numbered cards, gold parallels, refractors, and pure awesomeness from Russ' early days in Los Angeles. Seeing him wearing number 70 is a real trip. I mentioned the lot was crazy cheap; it was had for less than $4 delivered, which turned into $0 when the cards had yet to arrive after a few weeks and I inquired multiple times as to their whereabouts. The seller apologized and refunded me. Though I didn't need the refund -- the cards are most important, of course -- the money back was nice as well.

Happy Birthday, Russ!


  1. Every time I see that Bowman WBC card I picture Ralph Wiggum going "OOOOO CANADAAAAA!" Nice lot, especially the Blackfractor

  2. I love Russell Martin. Hope he gets a few Pirate relics in 2014 sets.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Matthew- Hopefully, that would be killer.

  4. Ha! He's also wearing #84 in one of those cards. Nice pick ups.

  5. That is a crazy good lot even if you hadn't gotten the refund.

  6. Thanks Austin!

    PTR- It is! I would have been a happy man as long as the cards arrived haha.