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Monday, February 24, 2014

2012 Topps Five Star Gold Signatures /10: Matthew Ryan Kemp.

I really like Topps Five Star. I don't plan on buying a box at any point in the immediate future, but picking up reasonably-priced singles from eBay is right in my wheelhouse. Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw are both represented in Five Star; both have autographs which I'm after. Kemp's have come down in price, which is great for me when something like this beaut peeks its head out and calls to me.

Numbered 05/10, I don't remember the exact price, but it was less than two blasters. The gold pops really well in-hand, and of course it's an on-card autograph for a super-high-end product, as it should be.

It pairs exceptionally well with the Silver Signatures auto /99 I already have and is a phenomenal addition to my Mattycakes' PC.


  1. I really like the 5 star products too. I own a Kershaw one and was surprised how thick it was. Are all of the 5 star cards that thick?