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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chavez Ravining Outdoes Himself Again.

Alex from Chavez Ravining really needs more respect around these here blogging parts. He holds contests every week; is a great supporter of many of our fine blogs; and does things like send surprise packages with amazing PC additions just because he's such a swell dude.

If that dual autograph of Russell Martin and Victor Martinez looks familiar, it's because Alex featured it on his blog this month. Though it was his first Martin auto he decided to send it my way as he knows I SuperCollect the former Dodger backstop. I've bid on countless Martin/V-Mart cards and even considered going after the lot this card was in. I can't thank Alex enough for the amazing generosity! It's one of the truly incredible things about our wonderful community.

This sweet Evan Longoria swatch from 2013 Gypsy Queen is a very nice addition to my Longo and Long Beach State Dirtbags PCs.

The final card was also a PC need, as this beautiful 2013 Topps Tribute base card of The Bison is the newest addition to my Matt Kemp Collection.

Alex also knocked off four of my SP needs from 2013 Allen & Ginter. I really want to call this a trade, but Alex has insisted it is not and that I don't even need to send anything in return. Well, it goes without saying that his phenomenal collecting deed will not go without a surprise response at some point. It will be a worthy surprise, along the lines of what his Chavez Code describes.

Alex, a million thanks for the fantastic cards! You're a mensch!