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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Corey Seager Carries A Big Stick.

My Corey Seager PC has been relatively quite in recent months, but I was finally able to add a card to it I've been after for a long, long time. I've probably lost double-digit auctions for the below beauty or the redemption it originally was listed as, but patience paid off.

Numbered 07/40, it hails from 2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft and the fantastically-named "Big Sticks" subset. It features a nice shot of Corey and a tremendous on-card auto in brilliant blue. It's easily one of my favorite Seagers.


  1. That is an awesome card! I have a Seager auto waiting in Topps purgatory via redemption. It has officially been 8 months, no word on its arrival.

  2. Thanks man! Waiting on a Seager from Topps as well. I've seen him return stuff, so I'm sure it'll happen.

  3. It's amazing on how much better an on card auto looks. That is a sweet Seager!

  4. That is one sharp looking card, love the design!