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Monday, March 10, 2014

One of A Kind German Contest Winnings From The Dutch Card Guy!

Jeroen from The Dutch Card Guy held a massive contest a while back with a huge Dodgers' prize. I wasn't able to land the sweet Clayton Kershaw my fellow Kid K collector gave away but I was able to acquire my second choice from the prize list.

I selected a 1/1 printing plate of future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki. The plate is from 2004-2005 Skybox and features a great shot of Dirk going up for what I assume is a dunk.

My favorite Dirk moment is easy.


  1. Thanks for participating in my contest...sorry this was a German :-) only NBA.ayer from Dutch origin that was really good was rick smits playing for the pacers but dont have anying from him :-) hope you liked the rest of the package as well !

  2. Dirk signs TTM if you're brave enough to send the printing plate c/o the Mavericks.

  3. Jeroen- I much prefer Dirk to Smits haha! I love the plate, many thanks! And the rest of the package was fantastic, I have my end of our trade scheduled to publish this Thursday!

    Austin- I might TTM him but the plate is staying as is haha. Also, I could never send it through the mail. I'd worry far too much.