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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trade With Bob Walk The Plank: Kemp, Kershaw, Puig, Bauer, Magill, Ryu, Cole.

I completed my first trade with Matthew from Bob Walk The Plank, a relatively new card blog. Matthew contacted me about a swap of cardboard and he sent over some fantastic cards. Go check out his site and work out a deal of your own, as you will not be disappointed.

Another Yasiel Puig RC in the books, and I'm very grateful I've been able to trade for the vast majority. This will forever be one of my favorite photos of ManBearPuig.

Matt had this fantastic Trevor Bauer on-faux-baseball John Hancock as bait, and it immediately caught my eye. Bauer and I attended UCLA at the same time, and I enjoy picking up hits of his. I still believe he'll be a good starter at worst in the bigs.

A brand new Matt Kemp and a new Clayton Kershaw are due up next. The Kemp card is awesome and that Kid K is just all sorts of perfection. A mini with a black border; a vintage-y throwback look; a great action shot of Clayton; and the Brooklyn B on the cap just go oh so well together.

This Matt Magill auto is my first signature of his, and though he struggled last year in spot duty, I think he can still be a solid number five or even four starter due to his swing-and-miss stuff and youth.

A potpourri of Blue Crew goodness. The Kemp gold rookie is my second, and I'll take as many Bison cards from 2005 Topps Update as I can get my hands on. The Ryu Archives Rookie is sweet and the Koufax and Jackie are obviously nails.

And finally, some randomness highlighted by three Gerrit Coles (go Bruins!). This will be the second Juan Uribe card to call my collection home, which is two more than I ever thought I would own.

Thanks for the great trade Matthew and welcome to the blogging community! I'm working on a return package of Pirates that I hope you'll enjoy!


  1. Glad you liked the cards. I tend to pull a lot of Dodgers out of packs so I'm sure there will be plenty more!

  2. Thanks gents!

    Matt- Haha, good to hear!