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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1952 Wheaties: Roy Campanella (Action)

The older the Roy Campanella card, the better. That's my philosophy, although of course I won't turn down any vintage piece of goodness depicting the Hall of Fame backstop. When I realized the below existed I knew I had to add one to my Campy Collection. After many failed attempts, I finally succeeded.

What's not to absolutely fall in love with in regards to this gorgeous piece of cardboard. The phenomenal action pose is complemented so well by the great artwork. The card has held it's marvelous color after all of these 62 long years, and as Play at The Plate can attest to, there is just something about a card with a catcher in gear and in action. This bad boy was had for the paltry sum of $9.25 delivered, and it's clearly been well-loved by whomever owned it previously.


  1. You're so right about that colorfastness. Awesome card.

    I noticed the little air wrinkle above Campy's face, but I love it because it looks like he's being touched by the Big Blue Spirit in the Sky.

  2. Nice grab! The Ralph Kiner I bought last year is still one of my favorite oddball cards.

  3. What a beautiful looking card. I just checked out eBay and COMC... might need to add a Musial to my collection.