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Monday, March 3, 2014

Parks and Recreation Box Break.

I decided to take the money I received for the most recent Hanukkah along with a focus group payment and treat myself to some cardboard goodness. I made my first Blowout purchase and picked up three boxes of one of my favorite products: 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation. I also nabbed a box of another TV show I love as well as a box of protective pages I've been in need of for some time. Here are the results of my first Parks and Rec box.

A Jay Jackson -- a.k.a. Perd Hapley -- Red Ink auto starts off the three guaranteed hits. Perd is a very funny tertiary character, and it's a new addition to my P&R PC and the second Red Ink auto from the set I own.

Next up, the second auto features a MADtv alum I enjoyed back in the day: Mo Collins. Mo plays Joan Callamezzo on the show, and all of her autos include the "XO" inscription, although she also has actual inscription autos in the product. It's another brand new addition.

My final hit is the guaranteed relic and it's one I already have. Although I possess an Aziz Ansari suit jacket swatch from Episode 16 of Season 3 -- #'d /99 -- I don't mind having dupes from this amazing set.

I also made a major dent in my remaining Foil Base parallel needs, picking up 16 of the 19 I was still in need of.


  1. I have some holiday related cash that I am pretty sure is go towards a hobby box of P&R. Thanks for posting the break - encourages me to get to pulling the trigger on the box.

  2. Thanks guys!

    Phungo- My pleasure! I got mine from Blowout but Dave and Adam's has them even cheaper right now!

  3. Those look really cool! Thanks for posting.