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Monday, May 12, 2014

That One Julio Urias Auto That Everyone Was Posting Weeks and Weeks Ago....

Julio Urias' first official autograph as a Los Angeles Dodger is found in 2013 Bowman Sterling. Julio is sporting number 84 and most important of all is that his John Hancock is on-card. Pretty much every Dodger blogger seemingly acquired one and posted about it weeks and weeks ago.

I was trying to land one shortly after it came out but I had a set price in mind. I didn't want to go over and I just couldn't find one at that price. Then Spring Training happened -- I didn't expect Julio to see any action during the Spring -- and the card skyrocketed in price. It has since come down but I picked mine up during the rush, although I still got it for a steal compared to what some copies were going for at that time. It goes quite nicely with my in-person Urias haul from late last month.

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