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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

From Glue Huffer To Country Star.

Huffing glue is bad, kids. That's the extent of any PSA you'll be getting from me today, as I have a more important task on my plate that must be completed: showcasing the latest addition to my 2014 Archer Sketch Collection.

The wonderfully talented Kimberly Dunaway makes yet another appearance in my PC. This is one of those sketches from the set that just so perfectly captures the character's essence. If you've ever watched Archer, Cheryl -- played by Judy Greer -- is an insane and usually high on something sex-crazed vixen (and now country music "superstar"). I especially love that you can see Dunaway debating what exactly to write on the front of the glue bottle. An easy $15 shipped to dish out.

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