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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Clayton Kershaw Throws A No-Hitter!

So I had another post scheduled and ready to go for today, but as you might imagine circumstances -- namely my favorite pitcher and a huge part of my collecting life throwing his first career no-hitter -- changed those plans. It will always be a perfect game in my mind, a game in which his teammate was not perfect. Considering Hanley Ramirez is a god-awful defensive shortstop, I'm not totally surprised he committed an error. But enough about HanRam, as Clayton was magnificent as is his custom!


Congrats Clayton! Well-earned and well-deserved!

[gif via my old boss, Chad Moriyama]


  1. Nice tour through your collection.
    Sweet stuff indeed.

  2. If that wasn't the best single-game pitching performance in history, I'm sure it'll at least be the best one of our lifetimes, because, DAMN. Doesn't Hanley come with a free "Get out of an error" card anyway?

  3. Thanks dudes!

    Dennis- That pass only applies when it doesn't ruin a perfect game.

  4. Love seeing all the Martin's. Hope the Pirates can sign him.