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Friday, June 20, 2014

Just A $15 Tip.

I was extremely excited when I landed the Fer Galicia "Just The Tip" 1/1 Sketch from 2014 Cryptozoic Archer. That's one of my favorite jokes from the show, and that particular sketch is just a beautiful piece of artwork. Today's Archer masterpiece fits in quite nicely with the Galicia; you could even go so far as to say they are partners in crime, a match made in artistic heaven.

Those piercing blue eyes and that seductive stare....I mean, how could Cheryl have resisted Sterling Malory's charm. Artist Darren Auck once again makes an appearance in my Archer Sketch Collection, and I immediately knew I had to snatch up this beaut when it hit eBay. The great colors and great show reference were enough to sell me on shelling out $15 delivered (free shipping!) for this bad boy, and I'm so very, very glad that I made that monetary decision.


  1. Love all these Archer autos and sketch cards! Keep em coming.

  2. Love seeing all the Martin's. Hope the Pirates can sign him.