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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just The Tip!

Archer has perfected comedy like few TV shows I can recall. One running gag in the pilot episode was Archer using the phrase "Just The Tip" in various situations with Cheryl. I love that scene so much I named my kickball team #JustTheTips.

This brilliant sketch was crafted by Fer Galicia and was a bit over half a blaster. It pretty fairly captures Sterling's general disposition and I love the attention to detail.

Here's the scene from "Mole Hunt" (Just The Tip begins at 1 minute and 57 seconds). But seriously, watch the whole thing. And that's just the pilot.


  1. I am 6 episodes in and that joke is till one of the best. That and "Because that's how you get ants!". That was a damn good pilot.

  2. A fantastically damn good pilot haha.