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Monday, June 23, 2014

From San Fran to L.A. Takes 2 Months.

Oh, is there ever a story behind today's featured piece of cardboard goodness. I purchased this at the end of March, and it showed up on tracking on April 1st as leaving San Francisco. And then it simply disappeared from tracking, never being scanned in by the folks at USPS. I inquired with my mailman, contacted the seller, and continually checked the tracking number. Nothing, day after day. I finally had to request a refund and pretty much wrote it off as a lost cause. Then something funny happened, as I brought the mail in one day in early June to find this beaut waiting for me. Tracking didn't tell me if a detour occurred, so I assume it was simply lying around somewhere until it was pushed in the proper direction towards me. San Fran to L.A.: that glorious two-month journey.

The sketch itself depicts Lana Kane in knockoff Fiachi lingerie and is my second from artist Jeremy R. Scott. It was had for ten bucks delivered and is a most welcome and long-awaited addition to my 2014 Cryptozoic Archer PC.