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Thursday, July 10, 2014

May All Your Dodgers' Parallels Be Blue

2008 Upper Deck Heroes had so many parallels based on color -- which is totally great for a color-blind individual such as myself -- that I could never figure it all out or put together an entire rainbow. But I am more than content in picking up affordable hits of Matt Kemp out of that confusing product when the chance arises.

Numbered 06/25, it was had for the paltry sum of $4.45 delivered back in early June. Less than a Lincoln for this gorgeous 2-color patch piece that either comes from the number on the back of a home jersey; the nameplate on a home jersey; or the logo on the front of a home jersey? Yes please a million times and a million and one on Sundays. I've got a nice rainbow of Bison hits hailing from '08 UD Baseball Heroes, which can be viewed below.


  1. Nice rainbow you have there buddy.
    Lets see if we can get an IP auto on Saturday of the Bison
    = )

  2. Damn - hell of a sweet rainbow there.

  3. I agree with Penguin. #BEASTMODE auto for the win.

  4. Awesome stuff of Kemp! Hey, I'll race you to the rainbow--your Kemp vs. my Rich Hill...although I have 25/29 and my guy's cheaper!

  5. Awesome collection! Have you been going crazy since the prices have come down? I've been trying to buy as many Gerrit Cole's and Jameson Taillon's since they have been banged up.

  6. Nice one grats ! So we were both in luck with a Panini redemption !!

  7. Thanks gents!

    Penguin- I will one day be able to actually take you up on the offer haha. I look forward to that day!

    Dennis- I forfeit already haha!

    Matt- I most certainly have! My collection is a happy, happy camper!