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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ryan Getzlaf 2013-2014 Dominion 1/1 Black Printing Plate: Less Than a Blaster

I still jump at the chance to acquire any Ryan Getzlaf Dominion card that catches my eye, although they are few and far between nowadays. My favorite iteration of Panini's high-end Dominion will always be the inaugural release of 2010-2011 but as long as it's Getzy and Dominion I am definitely interested in shelling out dough.

This bad boy was a most welcome and somewhat surprising find, as Getz's Dominion offerings have all but almost dried up online (especially from that original year, as I've purchased so much of it already and what I still need comes with a very limited print-run). What was most amazing about this eBay pickup was the price tag: less than a blaster netted me this Black 1/1 Printing Plate out of 2013-2014 Dominion, which is easily the cheapest any of the six Dominion plates of The Captain I now own have run me. I'm quite the happy camper.


  1. That is a really nice looking plate, great score there!

  2. Nice one grats ! So we were both in luck with a Panini redemption !!