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Monday, July 28, 2014

So a Velociraptor and a Dolphin Puppet Walk Into a Spy Agency....

I have many, many collecting goals. Too many, some would say. Some being me, first and foremost, but goals are great when you can reach them. When it comes to 2014 Cryptozoic Archer, my sketch card goals included obtaining an Artist's Proof as well as a card which featured Archersaurus. What is Archersaurus, you ask? There's an alternate pilot on the Season 1 DVD in which Archer is replaced by a Velociraptor. That's the only change. It's amazing, and so is this.

I still need to see that pilot but I could not for a second pass up the opportunity to acquire this sketch card. It features Archersaurus in one of the greatest moments not just from the Mole Hunt pilot (watch it here and you'll be hooked....trust me) but from the show as a whole. In it, Archer is beating H.R. Director Pam with her dolphin puppet. I became aware of the sketch after posting one from artist Kimberly Dunaway. She responded to my post on Twitter and we struck up a conversation. She mentioned having some APs for sale and this one was the easy choice.

Here's the back with Kimberly's signature in silver. For the Artist's Proofs, Cryptozoic affixed the AP sticker you see in the top right corner before sending them back to the artists. From there, it was up to each individual artist to do as he or she pleased with the APs.

Kim was also kind enough to send along a signed photo. She's in one of her cosplay costumes, and I'd love to one day meet her in-person at a con of some kind. Her artwork is simply phenomenal and she's a real sweetheart from our interactions online. Plus, she's from Tennessee, the state I would love to one day move to. Minor league baseball, BBQ, Sonic, and tranquility (plus cheaper cost of living). You just can't beat that.

Oh, and here's the sketch in gif form as found in the alternate pilot. Tremendous.

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