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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tim Salmon Appearance: A Beautiful 8x10 Auto and A Minor Bobblehead.

Tim Salmon made an appearance at an Inland Empire 66ers' minor league game way, way back on May 22nd. Yes, I'm a slow poster at times. The 66ers also gave out a Salmon Bobblehead, but the big attraction was that the former Anaheim Angels' star would be signing autographs. I made the trip with a buddy and we were the first two non-season ticket holders into the stadium.

I opted to go the signed photo route and found this beautiful mid-swing shot of Salmon. Tim signed it in bold blue, and though I wasn't sure the signature would be best above him and debated for some time where to ask for his John Hancock, it came out better than I could have hoped for. Tim even inscribed his number without me asking, and he was nice and talkative when it was my turn through the line.

Yeah. Minor league bobbleheads aren't always the best, but it was a real treat to meet Salmon and I am happy to add another bobble to my collection.


  1. nice to see you had a good experience with him. Was a dick to me when I got him at a PAID signing.
    Nice pick up of the ROY

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  3. Thanks dude. Sorry to hear he wasn't pleasant with you. Maybe it was just a bad day.