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Monday, August 18, 2014

New Avenues Feed Old Habits.

I had a handful of Artist's Proofs from 2014 Cryptozoic Archer in one of my eBay lists for some time. They were constantly re-listed for the same price after not selling; all came from the same artist. I had alerted Alex to them and unless the price dropped I wasn't going to go after them. They eventually were listed for less but I still held off until Alex let me know he contacted the seller and artist -- Brandon Baselice -- through his deviantart page and told me I had to check it out.

Brandon was holding a summer blowout sale and his remaining Archer APs were available for $10 a pop delivered or best offer. I quickly jumped on the above Lana for a ten spot. The great colors on this one, particularly the bright orange, really stand out. The close-up of Lana's gun drew me to the card, and the expression on her face gives me a big smile as well. The scene is from the pilot "Mole Hunt."


  1. How many sketch cards are you up to? They look great!

  2. Gracias!

    Mid-30s with a few still to post on!