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Monday, October 13, 2014

2011-2012 Panini Rookie Anthology: Another Ryan Getzlaf Printing Plate.

National Treasures bestowed upon the hockey collecting world a mountain of cards that had previously not seen the light of day after years of captivity in Panini's stock room. I made damn sure that Ryan Getzlaf printing plates were a daily eBay search for me once NT hit shelves. Multiple times a day, actually. I haven't brought home every single one (I am unfortunately not made of money) but I have been able to secure some great new additions to my PC of the Captain.

2011-2012 Rookie Anthology brought me this beautiful Black 1/1 Plate for just under $13.30 shipped. I'm nearing the double-digit mark in terms of Getzy plates and anytime they feature him with the Captain's C (and a visor to boot) it's just an added bonus that brings a big smile to my face.