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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Cyan and Titanium Getzlaf 1/1 Plate.

Not every printing plate shows the wear and tear you would expect to see from something used in the production of thousands of cards, but every now and then a plate appears that shows just how intensive and awesome the process is. For $10.56 delivered I netted this:

It's about time I added a non-Dominion Getzy Printing Plate to my collection of the Captain, and this bad boy was affordable and thankfully wound up in my grubby hands. From 2011-2012 Panini Titanium (another one of those many plates released with National Treasures as Panini clears out inventory) comes this gorgeous Cyan 1/1 Printing Plate.


  1. The schmear on this one kind of gives an illusion of movement. I like black and cyan plates, but yellow and magenta freak me out.

  2. haha, thanks dude! hadn't even realized it but it does look pretty cool with the movement-like feature.