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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marvel NOW! 1/1 Sketch: Rocket Raccoon and Nova, Guarding The Galaxy

I've got another reasonably-priced sketch card to showcase today, and though it does not come out of Upper Deck's Guardians of The Galaxy release, it is as close as I've come to landing a sketch card from that beautiful product.

Bridgit Scheide crafted a fantastic sketch of Nova and decided to bring along Rocket Raccoon for the ride. Rocket's presence was the big draw for me along with the just over [EDITOR'S NOTE: half a blaster] a blaster price tag. The color in this sketch is tremendous and Scheide's style is pretty sweet as well.


  1. Holy crap that is cool! I haven't even looked at the recent sketch cards that have been coming out, but that one takes the cake. I'm a huge fan of both characters so consider me wildly jealous here!

  2. Don't collect sketch cards but this one's pretty cool.

  3. I like the clean lines and the color work. That's a good card.

  4. Thanks gents! I was stoked to land it.

  5. Okay, now you've got my attention!

    NOVA has long been one of my favorites. If I found a sketch of just him it'd be all over.

    Absolutely phenomenal addition. There's something like 4,000,000 comic convention peeps immediately jealous.