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Friday, October 24, 2014

Drax The Destroyer/Ronan Cosmic Strings Dual: Guardians of The Galaxy.

I was able to add another 2014 Upper Deck Guardians of The Galaxy memorabilia card for a relatively low price. The memorabilia cards have seen a pretty substantial drop in prices from the set's original release, and I for one find that to be perfectly a-okay in my collecting book. I'll jump on a deal like this in a heartbeat any time I can acquire one of these for a handful of George Washingtons.

The above Drax The Destroyer/Ronan The Accuser Cosmic Strings Dual piece ran me a paltry $5.95 shipped. It joins the Chris Pratt as Star-Lord Dual Relic in my very modest GOTG Collection. I'm still on the hunt for a GOTG sketch card and will one day pick up an autograph or two from the release, although that won't be anytime soon as they still run a very hefty chunk of change.


  1. Awesome card for an incredible price. I'm gonna try to track a few of these down too. Loved the movie

  2. Pretty cool. I'm going to have to look these up.

  3. Do it guys, Upper Deck did a great job with these.