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Thursday, March 26, 2015

'14-'15 Upper Deck Signature Sensations: A John Gibson Case Hit RC Auto!

My modest John Gibson PC got a little bit fuller when the below arrived in my mailbox. It was listed online as a case hit and Gibson's autograph falls into the group that is seeded 1 in every 377 packs, or 1 per 16 boxes. So sure, we'll call it a case hit. The best part, of course, is that I didn't have to pay for a case but rather shelled out a measly $9.24 to land the Gibby.

I'd hope for this to be hard-signed but the sticker reigns supreme in cardboard nowadays so I just appreciate that Gibson is willing to sign at all. It's a simple design and a simple photo but Upper Deck has always put out aesthetically-pleasing cards. I'm hoping to see John get the nod when the postseason begins.


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  2. Gorgeous card, Gibson filling the frame and isn't donning one of the crap bleached white helmets of the preseason but has the full-on paintjob (can you tell that irks me on netminder cards?!).

    Cool thing is: you're pulling for Gibby, I'm pulling for Freddie.

    I saw enough of Gibson last post-season. Andersen is an absolute wall and if his performance trajectory is what it seems to be in the postseason as it has the last few starts, we're in really good shape.

    Go, PlaschMan!

  3. haha, thanks dude! as long as they win, I'll be happy.