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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A New Bison: Matt Kemp 2012 Topps Tribute 1/1 Magenta Printing Plate.

So here's another in the long line of "cards I bid on fully expecting not to win only to come home and find I had won the auction." This time around I landed myself a Matt Kemp 1/1 Magenta Printing Plate out of 2012 Topps Tribute.

I thought the card would feature the Topps seal on it but it arrived sans seal. It's not a deal-breaker, of course, just something I noticed when I slipped this bad boy out of its bubbly tomb. It's a most welcome addition to my Matt Kemp PC which will surely soon add some Padres' cardboard to its ranks.


  1. Nice pick up.
    I though will not be picking him up in any Padre colors. But still plenty of Dodger stuff to go after
    = )

  2. Nice! It will be weird seeing his cards in the Padre uniform.

  3. First, congrats and yet another killer pick-up, PlaschMan! One of the things I love about the whole printing plate phenomenon is seeing players inked up in ways we never do while in their regular uniforms. So, to see the white and blue go to gray scale and magenta is rad.

    Second, is it just me or does Kemp look frighteningly like Derek Jeter in this shot?! WTH?!

    Third, every time I read your tags, such as, "America - Fuck Yeah, Intelligence Of The Highest Magnitude, It's A Celebration Bitches," I laugh my @$$ off. Stay crazy, Plaschy!

    Last, another great post, even if short (the route I've been going strong with lately). It's all about the cards and you always inspire envy with the heavies you post. Awesome.

  4. @Matthew - weird, and wonderful! ; )


  5. He's got the facial expression of Nyjer Morgan from Heritage: