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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Anaheim Ducks, Round 2! s'go!

Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs begins later tonight for the Anaheim Ducks as they take on the Calgary Flames. I didn't feel like grabbing a card to highlight tonight's Game 1 so I decided instead to recap my progress with my playoff beard.

Pre-shave. I was somewhat dreading shaving as I really prefer to be bearded and had not been clean-shaven since last year's playoff beard was undertaken.

Post-shave for Game 1 of the opening series against Winnipeg.

Progress: one week and one series win in (last Friday).


  1. I would have just had a 5 o'clock shadow for the Penguins. :(

  2. Right on, good work, Plaschy.

    At this point I'm full on lumberjack (lumber-Zach?), so we should be channeling the good luck to the Ducks stronger than Obi-Wan Kenobe's mojo on Tatooine!

    Cannot. Friggin'. Wait.

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