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Friday, June 12, 2015

1964 Topps: Lance Alworth (2nd Year!)

Certain rookie cards are unfortunately out of my budget for the foreseeable future. For the vintage guys I collect, it's disappointing, but if I can snatch a second or third-year card to serve as somewhat of a placeholder, I'll be happy and content all the same until the day I can dish out the requisite dough for the RC.

Lance Alworth is one of those guys whose rookie is super pricey. I will one day own his 1963 Fleer card, but in the meantime his second-year card from 1964 Topps will be just as enjoyable to own. The '64 design has really grown on me in the past month or so, as it has a very American feel to it with the color scheme and stars.

Those old Chargers' powder blues are just nails, every single time. The card is VG-EX and ran me just under $12 delivered. It's especially cool considering Lance was the '63 AFL MVP and the Chargers won the 1963 AFL Championship.

Bambi is the only vintage San Diego guy I collect and this '64 joins the 1970 Topps and 1971 Topps offerings I already possess. The '66 is probably the next affordable issue I desire, although I'd love to spring for the 1965 Tall Boy one of these days.


  1. Cool! Vintage football cards are underrated. I probably should pay more attention to them.