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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Trade With Brad's Blog: Heyward, Ginter.

I completed my third deal with Brad from the appropriately named Brad's Blog. You can check out our first trade here and second swap here. Brad had some available Ginter from 2015 and though I have yet to put my needs list up for this year's A&G offering I knew I only had two cards towards that goal so anything he would send would be much needed.

Before I get to the set help, Brad had a sweet Jason Heyward relic I was interested in and he was nice enough to set it aside for me. I'm in the process of narrowing my focus and a number of non-Dodgers will be left behind but J-Hey is one of those guys I will continue to collect despite his lack of Blue. He excels at everything, and I like that in a player.

A pair of Puigs also found their way to me. They will both make for very aesthetically-pleasing additions to the binder.

Back to the crux of the transaction. Brad knocked off 44 of my needs for '15 Ginter. If you have any to trade -- I need more than just '15s -- I'm interested.

Thanks for the tremendous trade Brad!

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