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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Harrowing Bison Journey: 2012 Allen & Ginter Red Ink Auto /10, Matt Kemp! (My 400th Unique Kemp Card!)

Allen & Ginter will always hold a special place in my collecting heart as the product that got me back into collecting. One of the items high on my need/want list has been a Red Ink Auto of one of my guys from any year of Ginter. They're limited to just 10 copies each and I rarely come across them. A few months back one eBay seller listed about 50 of them, and the below was included. I knew I was going to take it down and after the bidding ended I came out on top.

Oh, soooooooo pretty! Numbered 02/10, the red ink pops exceptionally well and Ginter signatures being on-card is such an alluring quality. This instantly becomes one of the favorite cards not just in my Matt Kemp PC but in my entire collection. However, I almost ended up without this beaut as the card was lost for about a week despite tracking showing that it was out for delivery.

When my regular mail carrier finally found the package, it became apparent that whomever replaced him while he was on vacation had forgotten to deliver it and the package ended up back at the post office but hidden away in his office with the vacation hold packages. Somebody -- either the replacement carrier or one of the supervisors -- had hidden the package so nobody would know it had not been properly delivered.

Those are not my words but rather the words of my regular carrier. He returned and immediately located my package despite everyone else at my local P.O. claiming they had searched but could not find it. A supervisor told me it probably got improperly delivered and I shouldn't except to ever see it. It's really no wonder why the post office is failing miserably and will probably eventually cease to exist.

But anyways, the card! So gorgeous! Worth every penny and even the wait.


  1. Congrats again.
    I am SOOOO tired of USPS and God forbid you try to put an insurance claim
    and recoup money even though you paid for insurance. They say prove said card
    is worth that much.

  2. Love these framed signed minis, grats !!

  3. You're lucky you got it. Something similar happened to a 2015 Tier 1 jumbo patch of Cutch that's still in permanent "out for delivery" limbo.

    Ginger red ink autos are gorgeous pieces of cardboard