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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dodgers Galore In Allen & Ginter Box

(Meant to post this a while back. And by "a while back", I mean October. Well....better late than never.) 

I had originally not wanted to pay the price for a box, but I had come to the conclusion that before 2010 was over, I would splurge and buy one box. When my local shop offered a box to me at a stellar discount, I couldn't turn it down. The owner said it was the last one they had, and he would not be ordering any more. Score!

My goals as I began to bust the box were to pull as many new base cards as I could, as I had decided to put the Base Set, including Short Prints, together a couple of weeks before buying the box. I was also hoping to snag as many Dodgers as possible, and get at least one hit that was to my liking.

The hits ended up being pretty damn marvelous, all things considered. I set aside each pack when I saw it had a hit, saving the three for last. I ripped them in the order I pulled them, and ended up with three Game Used Jersey Relics. The first comes from AL MVP Josh Hamilton, an awesome start to the end of my first A&G box. Had I not pulled another good hit, I would have still considered the box a success. But to my surprise, I got lucky with the final two hits: MATTHEW RYAN KEMP and Andre Ethier Game Used Jerseys!

And now the rest of the box....

This boxtopper, which I traded away, greeted me upon cracking open what will surely be the first of many boxes of Allen & Ginter:

I ended up meeting all of my goals and more. I pulled roughly 70 base cards I needed, and snagged six Dodgers: Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Jonathan Broxton, Rafael Furcal, James Loney, and Russell Martin. I had already pulled Kemp and Martin before, and picked up Kershaw and Loney at my local shop, but was hoping to get duplicates of them nevertheless. The more Dodgers, the merrier!

The box also delivered an Andre Ethier This Day In History card with a blurb about the first 3D film's premiere as the historical event on the back; two black bordered minis (Joakim Soria - former Dodger property - and Carlos Guillen); and a Richard Simmons Dick Perez sketch card. Oh wait, my mistake. That's Andre Ether. Could have fooled me.

All in all, a great box, and a big thanks to my local shop for offering me the box at the severe discount I bought it at.


  1. I thought I was ove A&G, until I got to Target today. I came so close to buying another blaster, after I swore I wouldn't buy anymore. I didn't buy it, but I might go back tomorrow. I might jsut pick up the bowman chrome value pack instead.

  2. Two blasters was all I could convince myself to get. A blaster of Platinum is tempting, I've seen lots of hits being pulled.

    I'd probably go Bowman Chrome value pack over A&G blaster, but I wish you luck with whatever you perhaps end up getting.