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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Contest Winnings: Just Award Blog Of The Year To Bob Walk Already

I was recently one of a handful of contest winners over at Bob Walk The Plank. Matt and I have traded a few times before and I always thoroughly enjoy reading his blog and seeing the cool Pirates' stuff he's acquired. I was excited to see what I had won and after opening the bubbler I was speechless.

Still speechless. LaDainian Tomlinson/Deuce McAllister dual on-card autos, numbered 44/50. My all-time favorite football player whose signatures aren't exactly cheap as a contest prize for coming in second. Second, for heaven's sake. I feel like the ultimate winner and this is just the first of the three cards Matt sent my way. It would have been more than enough. But Matt is Matt of course, for those who have dealt with him before; he wasn't done.

Etem! I love Dominion and I'm happy to add my third Emerson ARP from the product to my collection. Just look at that shoulder emblem crest patch. It's numbered 18/99.

And finally, a jumbo swatch of Adrian Gonzalez #'d 39/75.

Matt, I can't thank you enough for the amazingly awesome cardboard!


  1. The trade portion will hopefully be complete this weekend. Glad you liked the cards. I enjoyed chasing after the Tomlinson.

  2. Man. That patch is sweet. But the LT auto takes the cake.

  3. Matt- Looking forward to it! And thanks again for chasing!

    Fuji- Agreed!