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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Bisons Begin To Roam Free: Chavez Ravining Massive Loot, Part 4.

And thus begins the releasing of the Matt Kemp cards I acquired from Alex of Chavez Ravining renown in our massive transaction. These aren't even the best Kemp cards I scored but every new Kemp makes for a great day in my book.

My favorite card of today's batch is this custom 1/1 sketch from artist Qwasian. I really dig sketch cards as I've discussed before and this artist did a good job of actually portraying Mattycakes. This is my second custom sketch of Matt.

Six more brand new Kemp cards and as always I'm surprised I didn't have 3-4 of them already. In fact I secured the Yellow Printing Plate of the bottom left UD card before this base card.

Gracias Alex!

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  1. I like the sketch cards as well. I have a couple of Bryce Harper sketch cards from Qwasian I got directly from Ebay (http://curlywcards.blogspot.com/2013/05/sketching-harper.html)