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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The First of Many Chavez Ravining Posts: Puig, Greinke, Orel, Piazza, Big Hurt

About a year ago I purchased a large portion of cardboard from my good buddy Alex of the now-defunct Chavez Ravining. Alex had decided to leave the hobby for a while to focus on other things and I appreciate that he gave me the opportunity to add some great cards to my collection. He'll be back one day, as this hobby is cyclical in that way. Whenever he returns I'll have some cool stuff to send his way as a thank you, but in the meantime it's about time I showcase some of the awesome stuff he sent my way.

We start with a former Dodger in Zack Greinke. I don't believe he had any autos during his time in Los Angeles so I'm happy to pick up the above and below relics of him. The Triple Threads "Zack Attack" is numbered 12/36.

That's probably a Brewers' jersey swatch. Probably.

An assortment of #ManBearPuigs and a few Greinkes. The Panini Prizm Fearless insert is numbered 02/99 and is my favorite card of the whole lot featured today, followed closely by the Puig sketch from Edward Vela.

Piazzas make any bubbler better. Fact.

This is such an easy 80s card I'm surprised I somehow never owned it until now. I may one day break it from its plastic-y, made-for-TV tomb. 1985 Topps Orel Hershiser RC; simple but appreciated.

And finally, a Frank Thomas 1990 Bowman RC slabbed as an SGC 96. It just felt right to scan it in and include it in this first batch of goodness. Also, I really love SGC holders above any other graded holder.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I have not come close to scanning in the best stuff I received from Alex. The first of many thanks amigo!


  1. Don't break out the Orel!

    And... let's be clear: There is only one "Zack Attack" and it is the group comprised of the great kids of Bayside. "Frieeeeends forever....."

  2. Hahaha, it's been too long since I've seen those cards! Glad you enjoyed 'em!