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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

An Unbeatable Price For A Beater Of A 1957 Topps Don Drysdale RC!

My boss went out of town for a week so I took a couple of days and went to Vegas with my dad. Paid vacation is something I am in no way used to having so I wanted to make sure I didn't waste it entirely. While there I wanted to check out a card shop, because of course. Also, the owner is a friend of my boss so I wanted to get a feel for his store mainly being that a location in Vegas is a challenge in and of itself. I honestly didn't expect to find anything I would buy as my feeling was anything I wanted would be overpriced in a place like Sin City.

I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I spotted a card in a showcase and looked at the price underneath. I checked with the employee and couldn't pull my money out fast enough, even turning down the offer of a discount since I know the owner.

Don Drysdale's 1957 Topps RC is finally mine! Yes, a corner is missing. Yes, there are a couple of creases. All of that being said it's still got solid eye appeal and for just $5 it's plenty good enough for me.


  1. Congrats on the pickup! I've been keeping an eye out for a good deal on one of these too.

  2. Nice card, way better shape then this one and cheaper.


  3. Damn. I spent $5 on an iced mocha this afternoon. Didn't get anywhere near the same value as you. Congratulations on this find. It's especially cool since you found it at a card shop.

    Did you happen to buy it at Legacy Sports Cards? That's the shop I've been to a few times when I visit my parents.

    1. It was indeed Legacy. They didn't have a ton of vintage but it was a nice selection for what it was.