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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Boxing Pickup: Henry Armstrong 1938 Churchman's Cigarettes, SGC 55

Very rarely if ever would I be okay with paying double for a card based on what I valued it at. This is especially true if the card really doesn't fit a primary collecting need/want. However I made the decision to do just that at a card show back in February. I really wanted to buy something and for $10 I picked up a card worth $5 tops despite it being really cool and really old. Here's my newest boxing addition:

This beautiful 1938 Churchman's Cigarettes Boxing Personalities card of Henry Armstrong is slabbed an SGC 55 and was one of the oldest cards at the show that day. A consensus top 5 boxer of all-time, Armstrong was featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight champion during his time and the only boxer to hold titles at three different weight classes simultaneously. He faced 17 world champs in his career and beat 15 of them and had a tremendous nickname which actually ended up selling me on buying the card: Homicide Hank.