Friday, May 1, 2020

Random Vintage Pickup: 1956 Bromide Japanese -- Kozo Kawai, SGC Authentic

Here's the second item I picked up in the recent auction I mentioned in a previous post. It is again a card that really only fits into my Vintage Collection because it's vintage and not for any other reason. It is my first card from this set and I do enjoy adding cards of players who did not play in the states.

This second Richard Merkin Collection piece hails from the 1956 Bromide set which I was entirely unfamiliar with before stumbling upon this copy. It features Kozo Kawai in a simple staged batting pose. This Bromide is blank-backed and while I can't find much info on these apparently Jackie Robinson is in the '56 Bromide release, so there's a white whale item I would love to at least see one day.


  1. These graded cards from specific collections are cool. I've always wanted to own one of the PSA 10 cards from the Dmitri Young collection.

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