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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Corey Seager 2016 Allen & Ginter X Rookie Mini: Graded a BGS 10!

I'm fairly positive I've owned this card for a couple of years now. I held back on posting it because I thought I might send it in with good friend Dodger Penguin to see if the corners could bump a half-grade and get me my first Black Label. Those submissions stopped with some Beckett changes and the card wallowed in non-posted purgatory. I've been cleaning through some stuff so, finally, here is this sweet Corey Seager rookie from my favorite product every year.

This 2016 Ginter X mini rookie is slabbed a BGS 10 and was had for a reasonable price when I bought it pre-injury. I love Allen & Ginter and the minis have always been cool. Ginter X is fun and for being black-bordered this has held up quite nicely with no chippy-ness.