Thursday, December 1, 2022

Corey Seager Debut, 1st Hit, and 1st HR Signed Tickets: Slabbed and Delivered!

December shall commence with a pair of beautifully-signed Corey Seager milestone tickets. One of the things that continues to excite me about tickets is you can collect them based on such unique criteria. You can only seek out debuts; want one of every home run; want every milestone; and so, so much more.

The first addition is this combination debut/first hit full I scored from eBay. It wasn't cheap but it's not as plentiful as other players' debuts appear to be. Seager not only signed it but inscribed a pair of accomplishments: "MLB Debut 9/3/15" and "1st MLB Hit." It is both PSA/DNA slabbed as Authentic/10 Auto as well as being Fanatics Authenticated.

The second is one I wrote about a couple of years ago but decided to send in to go from auto grade only to dual authentication. The ticket came back a 4 with the original 9 for the graph intact, and I'm good with the lower grade. It's a 1st homer ticket so I've officially covered my bases with early-career monumental moments.

Into the Seager Collection they go!

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