Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Yasiel Puig Milestone Tickets! Happy Birthday, Wild Horse!

I was a fan of Yasiel Puig from the moment he hit the scene. It always bothered me so many fans did not see the obvious improvements he made from his rookie year to his second campaign. While the good times ended, his exciting first season, excellent second season, and huge homer in the 2018 World Series will always bring me good memories and joy. As I was looking for tickets to round out a submission many months ago I recalled that I had purchased a complete run of 2013 Dodgers' home stubs. I sent a few #ManBearPuig ones off and was ecstatic to see them return my way.

Three full tickets were sent in, with the first being his debut which featured his first career hit and that tremendous game-ending throw to double the runner off first in a one-run victory over the Padres. I got a 10 on it and June 3rd of 2013 remains one of the more fun games I've watched.

The next night saw Yasiel crank his first and second career long balls in another win over San Diego. The 5 RBI were also the first 5 RBI he recorded. This ticket also graded out to a 10.

Two more days passed before Puig notched another milestone in his belt, smashing his first career Grand Slam in a 5-0 shutout over Atlanta. PSA gave it a 9 and all three make for fun and different additions to my Tickets/Stubs Collection.

I will contend until the end of time Puig should still be in the league. Happy 31st birthday Yasiel!

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