Thursday, January 26, 2023

22 All Around For Clayton Kershaw

When you have a collecting addiction you find the weirdest stuff on late-night eBay hunts. The pandemic only added to the amount of time I had at home and that combo is how you end up searching for a ticket to the 22nd career victory for Clayton Kershaw. The symmetry is nice, no doubt, but is there a need?

While it's a unique item to search out, looking at Clayton's line in the contest and who adorns the front of the ticket makes it a super cool pickup in my eyes. Kid K went 8 strong innings, whiffing 12 Cubs and allowing just two runs in a one-run triumph on July 8th of 2010. PSA gave it a lovely 9 and my other Dodger favorite, Matt Kemp, makes an appearance to sweeten the deal.

A fine find for my collection of fulls and stubs!

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