Friday, January 27, 2023

More Original Artwork from Val Hochberg -- Adam Warlock, Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Bound!

Here's another piece from my recent purchase of original artwork created by the super-talented Val Hochberg. I figured I should go all-out when making my purchase as I've always admired people who have artistic talent and I really like Val's style. Plus, she had plenty of Marvel!

I'm not totally familiar with the character of Adam Warlock as I'm not a big comic book reader and I don't know the history of Marvel like some people do. However, I've done a little Wikipedia-ing and the trailers for the new Guardians of The Galaxy movie look absolutely phenomenal.

My enjoyment of the GOTG franchise and Val's awesome piece made this an easy addition to my order. I'm sure I'll have even more appreciation for it after Guardians 3 lands in theaters.

Here is Val's brilliant take on Sam Wilson I posted last Friday.

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