Monday, January 30, 2023

A Box Break Almost 10 Years In The Making: 2014 Cryptozoic Archer!

I keep an eye out for boxes of the Cryptozoic Archer product I am deeply in love with. I almost never find them available, and certainly not for reasonable prices. Every so often one does appear in the wild for a fee I can stomach and a new friend on Instagram recently helped me reel in a box. I decided to bust it as I have not had the pleasure of doing so in nearly a decade.

I still need 10 artists to have one of each and shy of pulling one of them I was hoping to pull a character I was without. The latter occurred as I landed a sketch of Reggie The Lemur from Brandon Baselice. Reggie has only appeared in a handful of episodes so I'm happy to grab a sketch of him!

My auto is Pam Poovey, voiced by the wonderful Amber Nash! It was a super fun break and one I hope to have the chance to replicate a few more times in the not so distant future. I would buy cases of Archer if given the opportunity....literal cases.

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