Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Happy Birthday, Jackie Robinson! A 1947 Bond Bread In Your Honor, PSA Graded!

Jackie Robinson would have been 104 years old today. There are not enough pages to describe his impact on baseball and the country and how it is and should be still felt today. Posting a baseball card of his seems almost trivial, and yet it's what I'm going to do. Anyone and everyone in the hobby should own a paying-era Jackie even if the Dodgers or vintage is not your thing.

After learning of this set I wasn't sure I would ever have the opportunity to own one. Thankfully the internet is a big place and a user on Net54 offered it up. I leapt at the occasion to acquire and while it was expensive I knew I could not pass it up as I might never be presented with one again.

I bought this sometime in 2019 if memory serves so while it was pricey I beat the big jump these took. I had the chance to buy a lot of these at an auction house and just couldn't bring myself to go another tier or two higher. I regret that as I would have been just fine monetarily, especially if I sold off some of the really beat ones in the lot. That opportunity definitely will never present itself to me again.

A miss like that makes me even more grateful that I pounced on this gorgeous PSA 3.5 of the Fielding, No Ball Visible card (also sometimes referred to as Fielding, Foot on Base). The back on these are super cool and I hope to one day land one more and for that one to have the back which features Jackie's handsome mug.

Into the Jack Roosevelt Robinson PC it goes!

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