Wednesday, February 1, 2023

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: A Gorgeous PSA Type 1 Photo, Circa 1913!

Here's another excellent addition to a pair of PCs, my Zack Wheat and Type 1 Photo Collections. It was an auction house victory in 2022 and while it went for a bit more than I had anticipated it was already slabbed and my view on Type 1 Photos is you're much more likely to find a card you need than a unique photo.

Clear portrait vintage photographs are quite hard to beat, although I love me a great action photo, so maybe I have a problem above everything else. I totally dig the visible Brooklyn B on the cap; the old-school Brooklyn uniform with the vertical wording (can we bring them back for a throwback night?); and Wheat's contemplative look with hands on hips.

Pure perfection!

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