Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Who Doesn't Love A Little Mischief?

I was never a super mischievous kid or teenager or young adult but sometimes I wish I had dabbled on the wilder side of certain aspects of life. Nothing crazy, but some pranks or fun adventures that were frowned upon would be cool moments to reflect back on. How did I compensate on the feeling of maybe missing out a little bit? By acquiring cardboard of the God of Mischief, that's how....

This sweet, sweet Loki from the 1976 Marvel Super Heroes Stickers set was part of that lot I discussed recently. It too made the long journey to and through the PSA facility and landed back in my lap as a nice Near Mint 7. I usually love the little blurbs associated with each hero/villain but I could probably do without this particular one as it's not really a belly-buster.


  1. And I'm just the opposite, in that I wish that I had been involved in less mischief during my younger days. As far as the card goes, I love the image (and the set), but yeah, this wasn't one of the better quips from that set.

    1. Such a cool set, wish I had known about it years ago!