Tuesday, August 15, 2023

April 18th, 1948: Roy Campanella "Debuts" -- PSA 2 Stub!

Here's an item I never even considered owning as I never considered its existence being a thing. I somehow stumbled upon it up on eBay and quickly threw a bid on without giving it much thought, as it was already PSA graded and I knew it was rare and not something I would come across many more times, if at all. A reasonable sum of money later and this beauty was mine and instantly becomes one of the more unique pieces in my Roy Campanella PC.

Before he laced up the cleats in an official MLB game a few days after this stub was put into use, Campy appeared in a New York-centric Exhibition game between the Dodgers and the Yankees held at Yankee Stadium. I have not been able to locate a box score for the game but knowing it's a Roy Debut of sorts and is about as rookie as rookie gets is a great feeling.

PSA has graded a grand total of three of these stubs, with my 2 being the only 2 and the highest graded of them all. Oh, and I did locate a great photo of another participant in the exhibition, and said photo is attributed to that very day. One Jack Roosevelt Robinson was just beginning his second campaign alongside the rookie backstop of my Dodger dreams.

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  1. Congratulations on yet another big get! That ticket seems like it would be a cornerstone for any Campanella collection.