Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Finally Securing A Jim Thorpe!!

Picking up a playing-era item -- something, anything -- of Jim Thorpe has always been an in the background goal of my vintage collecting heart. It's never been a goal I have put a particularly large amount of energy and effort into. If I'm being frank, I've never really put any energy and effort into it. I was recently able to finally cross that desire off of my long-term needs list by happenstance when the below crossed by my eBay screen and I jumped at the chance.

I've been buying and posting a lot of Spalding Baseball Guide Pages as they are affordable, oddball, and often allow a bunch of players to be acquired at once. It's the perfect combination of qualities for my collecting tastes and I went back to the well once more for this Thorpe.

Pairing the multi-sport generational athletic talent with John McGraw, Fred "Boner" Merkle, Red Faber, and others, this is the perfect piece to scratch my need for a Wa-Tho-Huk itch. While there is significant damage to the left-hand side, Jim's image and name are completely untouched.

It's a wonderful addition to my vintage collection.


  1. Nice ephemera piece. Reminds me that years ago there was a collector on the Trading Card Central (TCC) forum who basically just collected Jim Thorpe memorabilia, Red Grange and Bronco Nagurski. Anything and everything, if someone made a Time Thorpe toilet plunger he would get it. He would show off his current acquisitions to each collection whenever he added stuff. Sometimes it would be weeks or months between posts. His last posts were in Dec 2017. Don't know what became of him or his collections. It is difficult to know since in the last 10 years or so TCC has gone down a few times for months on end, several of those times seeming like it would be the last. Many members gave up on it the first time or two it went down, having moved on to TCDB or Facebook Marketplace or elsewhere. Since TCC was the first trading card site I ever joined, I always look for it when it has been down and I guess I always will. It is currently up.

    1. I love collectors who are hyper-focused on one or two players! And I really love oddball stuff like this, to me it's almost more fun nabbing this type of stuff for the collection compared with the cards/items everyone else is chasing.