Friday, March 1, 2024

Come On Buddy

Let's kick off March with Part 2 of my recent Archer 1 of 1 Sketch Card pickup. This beauty immediately stood out as not only 50% off, but also as a brand new character for my PC that I don't see depicted often and thus desperately needed.

Season 6, Episode 10: Reignition Sequence 

Boris, right-hand man of whomever is running the KGB at any given time, joins the collection after a decade of alluding me. I am just now learning after all of these years that my favorite character, Krieger, shares a voice actor with occasionally shows up Boris. I adore Lucky Yates as it is, so this is just an awesome find!

Boris does appear in bed in Reignition Sequence, and while this sketch takes some liberties with his attire, it's a close enough reference point. Boris does, however, dance around with a nighty/negligee at one point earlier in the series.

Jayson Kretzer is the artist and as I don't see his work often, snatching this one and adding another piece of his creative mind is an added bonus.

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